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Evil Against Evil

by The Psychic Alliance

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When I suck up drugs like an electrolux, when I flip my hair like I don't fucking care, I'm dressed for success, and I'm blessed, of no fixed address. Duke Elegant dust of diamond collared, fingers fold in fists of dollars with a rattling tap of his silvered cane come the well-heeled duke of the dust & rain. He's dressed for success. He's blessed- Of no fixed address. I wanna wanna be somebody BIG.
Nice People 03:29
The world is full of nice people, kind people doing lots of things behind your back waiting for their moment to attack the world is full of lovely people, beautiful people building little castles in their head and every single one of them wants you dead you are only dirt beneath their feet one more little victim of their flashlight fancy so try and punch that clock on the beat the world is full of humble people, innocent people praying to their gods to make them rich but you're just one more ignorant son-of-a-bitch, right? Cuz you are only dirt beneath their feet.
Julia Peculiar, you been a naughty girl It'll come back to haunt you You killed all of your children, you pushed 'em in a well You did it, but you didn't want to The voices in your head told you what to do when everyone you love is dead ah, what will you do? Your crime career is through! J.P. is locked up inna dock all alone and frightened with teams of doctors to watch you round the clock keep yr jacket straightly tightened oh how they love to see your pretty face wracked with guilt and regret for all the crimes you'll never perpetrate ah, but you might still yet the voices in yr head will never go away you'll raise the tally of the dead when you're released someday then oh, the price they'll pay
Crystal Cage 02:12
You're so spectral, I've got to know you but I can't seem to figure out yr wave I'm feeding on yr paranoia Gonna catch you in a crystal cage You're liable to be on trial for sticking style like a fly upon the wall You can die like a butterfly upon a window pane I'll use the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame refrain.
The Octopus is sad. He dreams his life is colored with the dreariest melancholy one ever could imagine The Octopus has been thinking about all the shit he's done to people and every time he's let them down or made them cry aloud but if there's any light within his vacant eyes you'll never see through his disguise and you'll never recognize Cuz the Octopus is glamorous he wears a three piece suit and smiles goes to all the bright cafes, the people know his name He'll walk down to the market square to search beneath the apples there talk to the bananas as he winks at the grocery boys and if there's any light within his vacant eyes you'll never see through his disguise and you'll never recognize that the Octopus is tired of his life he'd like to call it quits just turn out every light then maybe go to sleep forever the Octopus has been feeling rather ill all his possessions drag him down below the darkest depths where the octopuses drown and if there's any light within his vacant eyes you'll never see through this disguise, you ain't never gonna recognize.
Yesteryear 03:29
Careless of the west end of the water they've sauntered like lambs to their slaughter tilting and twisting they came through sheltering lost remains I marry my carriage completely in spite how they callously treat me in to the flames I'll consign every crux of creative design the drums of disaster cascading indelicate cautious they fading they whined like the wind without knowing directionless, senseless they going Yesteryear, and all the little boys are clearing you out of their heads you might as well get up and get out of bed go and make yourself some coffee and eggs you're mind has been making mistakes your knees quakeingly shake
I climbed up the mountain from that fine old West Virginia soil and drank to the Pharisee "A lie alone is sold." Flung forth from the fountain, feathered serpent, bright in trembling coils clung to the candle in the canyon of the soul I'm the Great God Pan gonna do what I want to I'm telling you man You better burn your eyes Praise all that I am pile up peril upon you Because there ain't nobody else here in the dark who knows the light is fading, just anticipating on your soul And after all is said and done, you're just an actor, 6 foot 1 and all this common earth will drag you down I dreamt of a city on the cold North Ontario shore with twelve golden pyramids and I alone it's lord I watched from the window while the fires of oblivion soared and fell five foot forward when the wolf was at the door Sysyphus? Can you handle this? All this talk of words and only yesterday you spurned me oh Eurydice? Are you into me? All this talk of maybe, c'mon baby save me from myself. Whilst somewhere on the brightest star, Jesus plays a gold guitar high above the ivory vibrant clouds
I saw an aquatic rat today. I saw an aquatic rat today. Down in the lake by my house. He had a little house that he liked to be in too He liked to swim around. He lived in a little house. With a little ratty wife. And some kids. I am that rat. I have a little house. I have a wife and kid. I like to swim. I make the best of a bad situation. It's the year of the rat. Not the year of the dragon. We'll make the best of a bad situation.
The wind ain't what's been howling in the hills tonight A wolf ain't what's been howling in the hills tonight there's a wild woman named Maggie Malone she lives in a cabin in the woods all alone a wolf ain't what's been howling in her cabin tonight It's too dark to see her dance There's nary a gust of wind in the hills tonight the whipoorwils are all silent as death tonight there's nary a gust, and nary a sound but the blades on the windmill spin around and around the wind ain't what's been twirling those blades tonight It's too dark to see her dance Maggie Malone isn't in her cabin tonight but there's a fire on the hillside blazing full and bright The moon is high, the wind is low, the woods are bathed in a ghastly glow and no one's safe in these here hills tonight I don't want to see her dance The wind ain't what's been howling. Howling in the hills tonight. A wolf ain't what's been the hills tonight. It's the general consensus that something in these hills ain't right, And there's nary a gust of wind rolling through the hills tonight and the whipoorwils are silent they're all silent as death tonight but the branches of the trees are waving in the pale moonlight Hey Maggie! Malone? What are you doing in the woods alone, huh? I think you put a spell on me! Your eyes may be green, but I know what I seen in the woods. And it's a werewolf pretty baby howling under your red riding hood! Sleep tight! Maggie Malone! Sleep tight in your woodland home. Rest your weary head beneath the willow tree. Could it be? Baby could it be? That there might be consequences to breaking the heart of a mad-dog murdering motherfucker like me? Awooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Of all the foreseeable things that could go wrong during the making of an album, it's fair to say a minimum of 30% of them happened during the making of this one. Of our two LP's, both have taken two full years longer than they were supposed to to make it from the recording process through mixing and onto a vinyl LP. So, all things considered, we're really glad this album isn't a complete dumpster fire. Every backing track was recorded completely live, with a three takes max rule, self imposed. Overdubs were kept to a bare minimum, as were mixing tricks, edits and any of those things that tend to suffocate the life from most albums that started out as recorded music. The screams on Maggie Malone were recorded in the dark on Halloween, and if you play the record backwards you can hear absolutely nothing interesting because backmasking is a tacky gimmick that has been done to death. See you on the next album, already fully written but probably won't see the light of day until 2034.


released April 30, 2017

Marc Guenette: Lead Guitar, Banjo, Vox
Dani Fournier: Keys, Vox
Shaun Lee: Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar, Synth
Kyle Cheadle: Bass, Vox
Matt Van Slyke: Drums
Backing Vocals By Renee Pasula, Madison Mayhew, Felix Fung and Sarah Burskov.
Sax by Spencer Hargreaves
Cello by Alisha Weng

Recorded by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds
Mixed by Pat Palardy at Public Lunch


all rights reserved



The Psychic Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

The less you know about this band, the better. Rumor has it that they're very bad people, cruel to animals, misanthropic, frequently given to melancholy and intellectual dullards to boot. Stories of vicious infighting and rampant substance abuse follow them like a black cloud, and the threat of immediate collapse is constant. Fortunately they look cool. ... more

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