Psychedelic Hamster

by The Psychic Alliance

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Recorded as a satirical reflection of the inherent "dumbness" of rock music in the post modern zeitgeist.


released 27 May 2014

Recorded and Produced by Felix Fung at Little Red Studio, Vancouver BC. Guitars by Shaun & Marc, Bass by Kyle, Drums by Matt, Keys by Dani.



all rights reserved


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The Psychic Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

The less you know about this band, the better. Rumor has it that they're very bad people, cruel to animals, misanthropic, frequently given to melancholy and intellectual dullards to boot. Stories of vicious infighting and rampant substance abuse follow them like a black cloud, and the threat of immediate collapse is constant. Fortunately they look cool. ... more

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Track Name: Aspartame, baby!
So c'mon be my sugar dahling,
you can come on your knees crawling
when you hear my whistle calling,
oh! My sugar doll!
C'mon be my sugar lady,
you can ask me to have your baby
and I might say I'll do it, maybe,
oh! My sugar doll!
(Cuz the ship of life is leaving on a gilded, golden jetplane,
It's hotter than the sun up here, but we can catch the night train
we're America's favourite strangers, busting through a new vein
You're my #1!
Track Name: When I'm Alone
When I'm alone & I'm with nobody else I do whatever I want & do it all for myself.
I do what I want! Do what I wanna do!
When I'm all by myself nobody gets upset, and it's all women's clothes and menthol cigarettes.
I do what I want! Do what I wanna do!
Oh how I'd love to steal a fucking car and drive it all across the USA!
Take control of my wasted life today!
Don't you say that I'm no good, just because I do the opposite of what I should,
I don't give a fuck! I've got no self control!
Track Name: Skidoo Bop
Ya took a lickin' but you kept on tickin' when the shit appeared
little hip shakin' mama gonna stuff some cotton batting in my ears
maybe I'm wrong, and maybe I'm right
but I'm not coming home tonight
cuz Wikipedia don't lie 'bout an eye for an eye
and I'm not crying over you anymore
He was a genius with a penis and the bonhomie to match
she put it on, the got it on and he was seeing his salvation in her
banana boat, she kept it afloat
he boasts and gloats about it, yeah
but now the years estranged have rearranged our names
and I'm not crying over you
Times gonna take it's toll
for every little kiss you stole
I wish you well, but life was hell until I broke your spell
and I'm not crying over you
Track Name: The Hair Adjustor
I'm riding in my cloud car, pooping out rainbows, walking on my tiptoes, looking through your windows
I'm a Hair Adjuster!
I'm going lots of funny places, meeting lots of pretty faces, doing lines, solving crimes, helping with the hard times, yeah!
Like an arrow of justice!
Hippy hippy hippy, beep beep!
I do what makes me feel good, do the things I like to do, do whatever makes me do the things I like to do, I do, I do!
I'm a hero jester!
I'm solving crimes!
Track Name: Come On! (Get in it)
Track Name: Silver Werewolves
Silver Werewolves, la da da
burning bright like the moon
cut the heart out and cure the brain
roll them down into the tomb!
Track Name: Antient Slutt!
When cost of living mounting underwear I'm sexy flouting
will girls with curling, yellowed teeth prepare to vouch for cost relief?
I'm antient slutt! antient slutt! antient slutt! I said fuck-a yeah!
Track Name: Funky Business
Funky business!
Back in business!
Back in business!
Muthafuckin back in bizness!
Track Name: Burgertown Baby
Burgers for eyes! Her tits are like pies! Chicken leg thighs, she's a real, gone Cow! Burgertown baby, you're the queen of snacks!
Track Name: You're Gonna Go To Jail!
Track Name: Toast taste, post-haste
Why'd you gotta make some snide retort?
Why'd you go and buy a shirt that short?
You say you got problems to report?
Shirt so short, snide retort!
Track Name: Hair Gets in Your Mind
Come on out tonight,
where the lights are burning brighter
Don't let yr hair get in yr mind
Gonna make you come on out tonight
Come on out tonight
We'll be the last of the freedom fighters
don't let yr hair get in yr mind
Gonna make you come on out tonight
So let's go, go go
to the show, mom!
Whuh oh oh!
Track Name: Dinosaur Rock
I'm gonna play the dinosaur rock! I'm more talent than you!
Track Name: Less Cars, More Trucks
Who fucking cares?
Track Name: Motorpussy Pounders
Ya woke up bright and early to my surprise,
something hot & sticky between yr thighs
What's that Donnie? Top of the morning to you!
Heat seeking boogie, we're gonna get some chicken,
we're gonna take it home for a dollar and a dime
Gonna get that chicken,
It's fine for me and mah gang!

(The Grand Dictator Speaks:)
Cock to cock!
Ass to ass!
The sexual revolution came too fast!

I want to Motorpussy pounder, wanna Motorpussy pounder, wanna Motorpussy pound it all night
I want a pound of Motorpussy, wanna Motorpussy pounder, wanna Motorpussy pound it all night! All right!
Track Name: Where The Hobbits Dwell
Are you afraid to discover where the Hobbits dwell?
Are you afraid to unlock the deadly fire spell?
Raise THAC0!
Track Name: 30 Second Thrill
Well don't you know bitch, I'm for real?
You got a million little parts to feel!
Here's a 30 second thrill
for yr arcade sex appeal!
We're rocking all around the dial!
Cuz when you wanna shake it, they turn around and then they break it off
Turn yr head and cough!
Whuh oh oh, oh yeah, I think it's gonna be all right
Hold on tight, we're gonna get fucked up tonight!
Track Name: Propeller Man
Propeller Man, do what you can to stop the world from bringing you down
Whenever the day turns to night you'll dress in white, go out and paint the town
with propeller laces on your satin superhero shoes
You'll wage your war upon the disco floor
and dance away your blues
Regular Joe, don't you know they'll work you slowly into your grave?
Whenever the boss takes the piss, just think on this:
He's got no soul to save!
No one's coming to rescue your ass
from the porcelain prison of the working class
So take your shoes down off the shelf,
go out and save yourself!
Evil doers flee from the sight of a man with style and presence!
They're nothing in the world can touch the magic that you do
fighting down the tyranny of sorrow
So wage your war go home and brush your teeth and go to bed
and put your shoes away until tomorrow.